Reduce Handling and Storage Costs

Cross-Docking is an effective solution to improve transportation service to customers and reduce handling and storage costs. Whether you need to change modes of transportation, sort material intended for different destinations, or combine material from different locations into transport vehicles (or containers) with the same or similar destination, our Faribault cross docking warehouse will help deliver your freight as fast as possible. 

Vogelsberg Trucking is conveniently located close to I-35 can take advantage of its location and efficiency to provide greater value for our customers. We also have the unique flexibility of direct railroad access, allowing us to work directly with Railroad operators to provide a more prompt and reliable cross-docking service in Southern Minnesota.

We can quickly and securely unload materials from incoming railcars or semi-trailers and load these materials directly into outbound trucks, trailers, or railcars, with little or no storage in between to expedite the delivery process.

You can always count on us for fast, reliable, and safe cross-docking services. Contact us for more information regarding our cross-docking services or any other questions you may have. We are happy to serve you!