At Vogelsberg Trucking Inc, we proudly boast of an impressive, 14,000 square-foot warehouse facility in which to store your products for optimal distribution – ultimately increasing your productivity and boosting your potential profits.

Our warehouse facility can help fulfill orders more efficiently by shipping your product as soon as the order comes in, which translates into quicker inventory turnover rates – thus increasing profit margins. It can accommodate any type of freight or cargo, whether you need dry storage or specialty temperature-controlled housing.

Warehousing can not only protect against price fluctuations, but also provides safe storage space for your cargo – protected from moisture, rain, extreme temperature changes, and unwelcome critters that are looking to find a new place to call home.

A portion of our innovative warehouse is food grade certified, and equipped with refrigerators and freezers for optimal temperature control, which can help ensure that your product is stored at the perfect temperature. When a product is stored at the correct temperature, it prevents loss of color, early spoilage, and potential changes in texture or taste – ultimately increasing shelf life, and boosting profits.  

Additionally, our warehouse space is appropriately insured – so in cases of fire or theft, you are not liable for replacing the missing or damaged product.

When you use our warehouse for storage at Vogelsberg Trucking Inc, you can rest easy knowing that your product or cargo is safe with us. We guarantee it.   

Cross Docking

At Vogelsberg Trucking, we also offer services such as cross-docking for fast and “hiccup-free” shipping. Cross-docking is the practice of unloading freight from an inbound load, and then loading it onto an outbound shipment with virtually no storage time in between – resulting in fast shipping with optimized routing to help reduce transportation costs. Plus, you do not have to worry about maintaining a large inventory of product, or paying to store it while it waits to ship.

Some of the benefits of cross docking include:

  • Decreasing inventory damage costs due to less material handling
  • Enabling faster product delivery and more frequent deliveries
  • Decreased labor related costs – due to less handling of product

If you have freight that needs to ship, who do you trust to make sure it arrives at its intended destination on time and undamaged?

Trust us at Vogelsberg Trucking Inc. We can take care of your needs, as well as all the shipping requirements of your cargo or freight.